[OJS 2.x] Section editor/author submission control

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Special attention by @asmecher, @ctgraham,

Since OJS 2.x doesn’t allow restricting submissions to a specific group, we are thinking about the following solution, but we would like to know if there’s a simple way to display to section editor/author only the sections they’re assigned to.

This would allow us to “restrict” submission to a specific section… It would provide these authors with a temporary section editor role, which will be removed after submission is made to prevent any future problems. If they send it directly to editing, it can eventually be restored to unassigned queue.

This seems problematic, unless all authors are submitting at the same time and are allowed to see all of the other submissions in that same section during that time.

Would you be able to any custom coding as a plugin? I think you could model the selection of a section as a author’s profile field from the orcidProfile plugin, and then replace the section dropdown in Submission Step #1 with just that single section, using a search-and-replace in the template similar to the orcidProfile plugin.

Hello @ctgraham,

Testing as section editor/author didn’t provide the solution we require anyway, as they can see all sections and not just the ones they’re assigned to as authors.

This code you refer to seems to be from OJS 3 and, unfortunately, we’re still on OJS 2.x.

Even for this version, does profile data have something that we can work on to display a different section, exclusively to authors with that info on their profile (private notes seems a good place for this…)

There is a version of the orcidProfile plugin for 2.4.x (see the ojs_dev_2_4 branch). I believe both prior links point to that branch.

The benefit to using a new field via the authordao::getAdditionalFieldNames hook is that you can enforce it as a controlled vocabulary.

One piece that I missed earlier would be the UI to enter that field. You presumably would want the journal managers to be able to set this value for the authors, but not for the authors to be able to change this value themselves. To do that, you would have the plugin modify the display of the template ‘manager/people/userProfileForm.tpl’. An example of that is in the Akismet plugin (which also has a ojs-dev-2_4 branch):