[OJS 2.x] Change link DOI position

Dear Friends

We are from Kanz Philosophia Journal. This is oul journal link http://journal.sadra.ac.id/index.php/kanzphilosophia

Our journal has been registered DOI (Digital Object Identifier) by Crossref. But. we want to change position of DOI link location to the table of content, under Title of article. We need information how to change position of DOI link location.
like this in the picture,

Thanks very much.

The DOI is output as a “pubId” (public identifier). This is hardcoded in the article template, so you’ll need a local code change.

Thank you so much for the answer. I can change position of DOI link well specially at Article file.
But, I don`t know where is Table of Content File ? I want to place DOI link too at the Table Of Content.
Like this picture

The article listing in the issue table of contents is this template:

See also this earlier thread:

There is a plugin on that thread which might be exactly what you are wanting.

I am sorry, I stil don`t understand. Please, could you please explain it more spesific, and step by step. I ma sorry for disturb you.

I think it is as simple as using the plugin from the other thread:

oke…I will try it carefully. Thanks very much.

It works well. Thanks very much.

This is our OJS http://journal.sadra.ac.id/index.php/kanzphilosophia/index

It`s very simple. thanks

Hello ctgraham. I am so interesting with this plugin. I have downloaded the plugin from the link above, and i have saved in my computer. the problem comes when i try to install it to the ojs. The error mesage said “Errors occurred processing this form:
Plugin was not successfully copied. This may be a permissions problem. Please make sure that the web server is able to write to the plugins directory (including subdirectories) but don’t forget to secure it again later”. Would you like to help me to solve this problem?
Thankyou very much.
Tarmizi Taher

You can install plugins via the web interface or via the command line.

To install a plugin via the web interface (as you have tried) your webserver must be able to write to the plugins directory (and subdirectories). This is a similar configuration to what is already in place for your “public” directory and config.inc.php’s files_dir. This write permission for the webserver is often appropriately locked down to increase security.

If you do not want to open the plugins directory to be modified by the webserver, you can still install a plugin by copying the files into the plugins directory manually via the command line (or a web front end like CPanel). You should run the upgrade script after installing a new plugin manually.