OJS 2.x backup procedures - removing unnecessary files and folders

Hello all,
As I keep on improving the backup process, I’d like to know what folders (probably some temp subdirectories) and files can be deleted from OJS’s source code and submission folders in order to reduce file size…

Within OJS source code, I remove every single file from all folders within the cache folder. Leaving the following structure (this is more as reference to anyone doing the same!):

Two simple commands do the job:

  1. One simple rm -Rf . within the cache folder to remove files inside
  2. One simple rm - Rf /.* within the cache folder to remove files inside subdirectories recursively

The question is within the submission folder, outside apache/web access. The following is the structure within the “files” folder:

usageStats and temp are by far the largest ones. I also regularly “reset” the apache log files which I also backup. They grow pretty fast. Can all files and folder within them be removed?

Hi @ramon

Inside usageStats folder, you may backup /archive folder content and clear it then, since they are processed and resulting is stored in your DB.
Note that if you need reprocess your logs it will demand that you put this content back in usageStats/stage folder.

Also, you may backup and clear files/scheduledTaskLogs folder content once it just is used if something is not working properly. I.e.: stats when not correctly processed are logged in scheduledTaskLogs/Usagestatisticsfileloadertask-* files, and so forth with other logs.