[OJS] 2.4x compared to 3.x

Hello all,

While using OJS 2.4.8 for review, we noticed that we cannot send a copy of the reviewer request message to the editor (probably due to security reasons). However, it would be important to enable the feature so that the editorial team can be sure that the email is being sent.

We are not sure how this works in OJS 3 yet.

Recently, we lost one month of work due to email problems that were difficult to fix, because the logs are not clear. While there was a problem with SMTP authentication, there’s also a problem when sending a message to multiple emails. If one or more have problems (misspelled address, for example), the whole message is not sent and this prevents work continuity, but the log just outputs
OJS SMTPMailer: Did not receive expected 250 or 251, referer: http://revista.ibict.br/ciinf/user/email

Making sure messages are sent is essential to identify problems before they become unmanageable.
And sending individual messages, instead of a whole block to all could be more beneficial to OJS’s future.