OJS-2.4.8 Stop Forum Spam Issue

I upgraded a number of journals this morning from OJS- to OJS-2.4.8.
I have so far two journals where Authors have tried to submit and get this message.
We keep getting the error message:
The Stop Forum Spam plugin has blocked this registration.
In the plugin it states"submitted user registration contains elements that are on the Stop Forum Spam list". Can a person check this Stop Forum Spam List to check an IP or email address?

Any ideas of why or how to resolve this issue.


Hi @EdwardDavid,

Have you checked http://stopforumspam.com/?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Stop Forum Spam does strange stuff sometimes, As asmecher said best to check with them, prob an outage or a spammer is active on an ip close to the range of the person trying to submit on your site. Other wise it’s that there requests went down at the time of submission it happens the site gets hammered quite a lot.