OJS 2.4.8 Reset Password is different process ? How to fix it?

Hi, our system has upgraded from OJS 2.4.1 to 2.4.8.

I had a few users who have issue with “Reset Password”. In the old version,
When you click “Reset password”
>>> 1. the system sends an email notification,
>>> 2. Then you can click the email notification,
>>> 3. the login and password will be sent to your email by the system. (I have new password to log in)
>>> 4. I use the new password to login, then I am redirected to the “Change Password” page.

In 2.4.8, when you “Reset password”,
>>> the system sends an email notification (the same as before),
>>> you click the email notification, (the same)
>>> then it takes you to a “Change Password” page which requires “current password”. (the same, except I do not know my current password)

It seems that step 3 is missing.
Anyone has the same issue? How can I fix this?



I just found the issue, which is related to journal setup at “Use a single step for password resets?”

There is a good post talking about this setup. see Forgotten password - #2 by zmandic

Thanks much,