Ojs 2.4.8 release

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I am using ojs 2.4.7, and I customized most of templates by myself. If I upgrade it to 2.4.8 will my site work normally?

As you say the significant improvements made on PLN plugin, so it is ok if I just upgrade PLN plugin rather than whole ojs.

I’d strongly recommend upgrading the whole product - this will ensure you have the latest bugfixes and enhancements. Sometimes changes to a plugin (such as the PLN) are dependent on new, improved, or fixed functionality in the core product, so mixing version is risky.

You can use revision control, such as Git, mercurial, or subversion to easily track and reapply your local changes atop of the latest core codebase. If you are not already doing that, I would highly recommend it.

Guys please help me i am getting problems in Upgradation!

Hi @john_kare,

Please post in a new thread, and describe the process you’re following and the problems you’re having.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team