OJS 2.4.8 : Can I use files browser to upload a file where the public can get to it?

I want to upload instructions on submitting an article, and have those instructions be a .docx handout that the person can print.

I uploaded the .docx using the Files Browser. But, I think that to get to that file, the person has to be a journal Editor. Authors can’t get to it, and reviewers can’t get to it.

I don’t see a permission setting on the file, when I look at it in Files Browser.

Is there a way for me to upload this instruction sheet to where prospective authors can get to it?

-Wilhelmina Randtke

Hi @randtke,

If I understand correctly, you want to upload a file to the OJS server and make that file accessible by everyone, right? I think it shold be accesible if you upload it to the public files directory.

Regards, Primož

you have to change sharing setting to public, you also can share the only view, or edit permission