OJS logging out after using QuickSubmit Plugin

After using QuickSubmit Plugin to import article of use Import article OJS logging out. How to solve that and insert missing articles in OJS?

Can describe a little more what difficulty you are having? Is it that you cannot log out or are you having difficulty with the QuickSubmit plugin?

Dear @rdkettering,
I had problems with importing article with QuickSubmit Plugin. When I click Save or upload the file OJS log out. I cannot solve the problem and gave up.

Dear @Lazar_Stosic
Can you check your error log to see if you are getting a returned error? Check the PHP error log first for information.

Dear @rdkettering,
In one of the previous post I wrote for error which I received. My website is under evaluation and I cannot wait. I install new OJS 3.0.2 and submitted all issues and articles. Manually but website works. Now don`t have

Please do not double post, as it becomes difficult for us to track if the problem has been solved.

With the errors being listed elsewhere, I suggest following that post instead, and updating the information with your current OJS version for more accurate help.

Dear @rdkettering,
I didn`t double post. One of my problems with previous version is this error. I had problem whole week but how I cannot solve the same I install new OJS and manually submit old issues. A lot of problems with the database and some plugins and in one of my posts (where I continue to ask and answer) received info from your team to open the post with this topic. If you think that is not good to be here, feel free to remove this post because I solved the problem.
Thank you for understanding.