OJS 2.4.8-1 (Current Stable Release) is missing PDF.JS PDF Viewer Plugin

we just installed a new OJS 2.4.8-1 from the current stable version on https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/ojs_download/
It looks like the PDF.JS PDF Viewer Plugin is not part of this version, although it was included in 2.4.8.
Is there a specific reason why it is not included? Or should we just install the plugin via github?

This is still in the ojs-dev-2_4 branch, so I’m pretty sure the omission from stable-2_4_8 (and thus the 2.4.8-1 release) is unintentional.

Yep, I can’t see the plugin as well after update to the

same problem here, any solution?

This was added back in after the release of 2.4.8-1, so it exists in the latest stable builds and in dev, but not in the zip file download.

You can download the currently linked version here:
Releases · pkp/pdfJsViewer · GitHub

Install it via the web interface, or by unpacking it to plugins/generic and running the upgrade script.

thanks for the answer!!!

Please can you explain how to install it via web interface or unpacking?

Apparently, you’ll need to download it from one of the released packages:

The dynamically packaged link as I mentioned above will not work without renaming the directory the archive contains.

If your plugin filesystem is writable by the web server, you can navigate to:
User Home - > Journal Manager → System Plugins → Install a New Plugin

Otherwise, extract the contents of the archive to your filesystem under plugins/generic, and then run the php tools/upgrade.php upgrade script.

I make installation. Now have different error, please see

Your PDF galley itself is missing or empty. Check your article galleys in the Editor interface and verify the file in the files_dir on the filesystem.

Thank you,

Check your article galleys in the Editor interface
how to do that?

verify the file in the files_dir on the filesystem
folders /files/journals/1/articles are 755 and all pdf are there

Solved missing pathh of files in config.inc.php