[OJS] Usage Statistics with files galley downloads metric very large

Hi everyone

I have created this topic because I would like to resolve a problem with some articles that their download metric is very large. My journal is an OJS 2.4.8. but I have the suspicion that this journal started in some previous version.

Analyzing the MySQL database I have noticed that in the metrics table for one of these articles which have large values, there are 2 kind of metrics type:

| metric_type        |
| ojs::counter       |
| ojs::legacyDefault |

and for the column load_id there are 2 kind of data:

| usage_events_20151019.log |
| usage_events_20151018.log |
| usage_events_20151017.log |
| 2.4.2-upgrade-ojsViews    |

I have read the Statistics Framework documentation and I understood that the files usage_events_20151019.log are the OJS access log files generated by the COUNTER mechanism, but I have never seen files with this kind of filename 2.4.2-upgrade-ojsViews.

Other thing I have noticed is that in the metrics table there are some rows for which the load_id value, there aren’t a file in the files_dir for them. For example using the following query:

SELECT count(metric) FROM metrics WHERE load_id = 'usage_events_20160817.log';

I got a resultset as:

| count(metric) |
|          5794 |

However there isn’t a file called usage_events_20160817.log in the files_dir/usageStats/archive or any other directory.

I have run the process to calculate the usage statistics again, although the download values decrease, these are very large values and this makes me think that they are real statistics.