OJS Forms' Language Conflict [Arabic/English]

Hello Folks,

I’d like to have your help regarding OJS Forms. When we try to input some text in Arabic Forms, it goes well in the Arabic Layout. But when we change the language of Site to English, the same Arabic content appears there instead of English stuff that we entered for English Layout.

Note: In general, the problem persist on all of the journals hosted but specifically on the following: http://journals.nauss.edu.sa/index.php/IJCR

Is there any possible solution for this problem as it’s causing us troubles.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Muaz El-Shikh

Hi @muazsid

Hmmm… When I go to that journal and change the language to English, I can see the English text, so it seems to work correctly for me. Could you maybe point to a specific page, that is not working?


at this link http://journals.nauss.edu.sa/index.php/IJCR/about/editorialTeam
when i save tow language only the last language it show , that means it just over write

Hmmm… At that page the user data are listen: names, affiliation and country. The names are only in one language i.e. they cannot differ for different languages. But affiliation can.
I’ve just tested editing a user profile, adding different affiliations for each language, and it worked well.
Could you please try again: edit a user profile, choose the language at the top of the form, press “Submit” button next to that language pull-down, enter the affiliation in that language and press “Save” button. Then you can open the user profile form again, choose a different language in the pull-down at the top of the form, press “Submit” button, enter the affiliation in that language and save the form again. This should work.