OJS- Unable to download revised versions of articles - CRITICAL

I have a number of journals that are experiencing this issue since upgrading to OJS-

I am just sitting down to edit a new issue of my journal, and I have encountered a strange problem. I can’t seem to download the revised versions of articles that the authors have uploaded. I send the articles to copy editing, but when I click on the link of the docx file, it just sends me to the summary page for the submission instead of allowing me to download the file. This is happening for all authors, not just one. I have of course found a work around for the moment (just getting the authors to email me their articles), but I’m rather baffled about why this is happening. Can you offer any advice?

Hi all,
I think I have this issue fixed. In an effort to lock directories down I went a little to far.
I made /files owned by root as well as the journal directories below /files.
/files is owned by root
/files/jjj_files owned by root – This was the issue. This directory needs to be owned by www-data.

Once I change permissions upload and download are working again.


In config.inc.php, is your files_dir set to /files/ or /files/jjj_files/ ?

If files_dir is /files/jjj_files, your solution is correct. If files_dir is /files, you will want that directory to be writable by the web user as well. (You could do this via owner or group permissioning.)

My config.inc.php has files_dir set to /files/jjj_files.

If someone was uploading a file at the time I made the permission change would it cause the file not to upload but make changes to the journal?
I have a file in editing that shows a file but the file does not exist on the server. I have asked the journal to send em the file and I will upload it to the correct place so they can edit the file. I am assuming this will solve the problem.

Thanks at least now it is working and should not give me any more issues.


That sounds reasonable.