[OJS 2.4.6] Script to delete multiple journals from OJS

Hi everyone, I write this topic because I need to delete multiple journals from an OJS which has about 120 journals, I was using the delete button but when the deleting process takes more of 30 seconds about finish, the browser shows the following page:


How can I do a PHP script as there are in the tools directory to delete multiple journals? I appreciate some kind of help, thanks a lot.

If you are handy with PHP (or if you know someone who is), you could make a CLI tool for this by taking the code from the delete journal action:

and adding it into a copy of one of the existing CLI tools. An easy target might be:

Just change out the submission_id for the journal_id in the parameters.

Hi @ctgraham thanks a lot for your response, I have copied the code from delete journal action above, on a based-script in tools/deleteSubmission.php an I have got to delete multiple journals from CLI terminal.