[OJS 2.4.6] How delete a journal, when the delete button from manager interface does not work?

Hi everyone I have an OJS 2.4.6 with 107 journals. I need to delete some journals from this OJS, I have used the Delete button from the manager interface, some of these journals have been removed and the process took me into the list journals view, however with a specific journal this process shows me a white page and the following URL base_url/ojs/index.php/index/admin/deleteJournal/44 and the journal was not been removed and when I come back to the list journals view I can see the journal yet, except the title, I left below an image that shows the scenario. It’s for that I have some questions about, these are my questions:

What is the correct way to delete a journal from database?

Why this journal could not been removed?


I hope someone of the PKP team could help me to resolve this topic.

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I guess you could track down from deleteJournal code what databases are actually removed.

But when you try to delete that journal and get a white page, do you see any errors in error log?

Hi @ajnyga thanks a lot for your response, however I have some doubts, what did you refer, when you said "track down from deleteJournal code"? How is the way to check that?, with respect to my php error logs, there was not message of error when I clicked the delete button from admin interface.

This is the resulting white page:


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In general white pages should always generate an error. You could check your error settings from config.inc.php.

If you still do not see an error then the function called by deleteJournal is here:

You could use that function to track down which tables are affected. But you could also add for example error_log("Got this far"); around here ojs/JournalDAO.inc.php at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub. This will give you a clue where the code crashes.

If you do not see that message in the error log, you can move it for example here ojs/JournalDAO.inc.php at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub and see again if you can see the error message.