Ojs 2.4.5 citations

To go see the quotes from an article, there is a message that says “there are quotations raw” you give update but does nothing.
Querying the database citations are in state 2 and still leave behind a good time.
Modifying one of the appointments, the status changes to 1, but are not processed.
any ideas?

Hi @Enrique_Manuel_Touce,

Unfortunately we aren’t currently actively supporting the citation assistant, but the most likely cause is that your setup isn’t correct – e.g. you might have an invalid API key or something similar. I’d suggest double-checking your setup in Setup step 3. Also try deleting any entries you may have in your processes table in MySQL, just in case something has gotten stuck there. Then re-save your submission metadata to kick off the citation processing, and watch your PHP error log to see if something useful appears there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team