[OJS] Indexing journal system to Google Scholar

this page has not been indexed on google:

but I think it is just about sitemaps, I also just realised that the website has never been verified, so I need to verified first and add all the sitemaps as well

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If you want the journal to be indexed in Google, sitemap is ideal option.
But indexing articles in Google Scholar requires just appropriate meta-tags.

the articles have the metatag already, the metatag I am talking about are citation_title, citation_authors, citation_journal_title and citation_date, but apparently there are not enough to index google scholar.

Hi @bozana

Google (Scholar or not) tracks and indexes pages using sitemap.xml file which is a XML file parsed by crawler.

I didn’t find such file in OJS. But is possible generate one and put it on journal root folder to be indexed.
It is possible generate a sitemap.xml in hand code mode or generate it in web tools like that:

I was reading a doc from 2009 - https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/docs/README-SITEMAP - and it says about a manual sitemap.xml generate. But I would like to ask if there is some plan to develop a plugin (or there is already one?) which may generate a sitemap.xml for journals in OJS?

He @israel.cefrin,
OJS has an inbuilt sitemap. See the posts above to find the path to the sitemap under different conditions.

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I didn’t find how to access sitemap.xml, is it in a specific folder as Sitemap built in or in root folder? Which is it?

Hi @israel.cefrin

See this post.


Hi @anupent

I think I was not clear. My question concerns the sitemap.xml for automatized crawler fetch (just like for robots.txt) according this Google Scholar guidance Google Scholar Help.

For example when a new issue/articles are available and I might set priority for summary/ post details and so on (just as like CMS WordPress allows through certain plugins).

But I think this solution you’ve posted (HTML sitemap built-in) is helpfull for editors that are not used to deal with hard code (or doesn´t want it). Anyway I will digg a little deep sitemap.xml effectiveness even in a manual generated mode with that tool I posted before. :slight_smile:

Dear @israel.cefrin,
If you are talking about sitemap for google then it is:

If you need a sitemap.xml for some other purpose, I do not know how I can get one. I have never come across such situation.

See this post of mine above:

Hope this helps you,
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Oh Great!! Exactly!! :+1:

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Hi @anupent. I already tried your suggestion to add my sitemap to google webmaster tool. But, when i sat the grafik, it just showed submitted grafic. but for the indexed information, it said pending. What should I do then?? Thanks.
google webmaster tool

Looks good. Just wait for about 10-14 days. It will be processed and Will
be available in scholar.


Okay then i will wait for that. Thank you so much for the information @anupent.

Just want to tag @stranack here, if you want to add this to Getting found, staying found.

Are those pages, that are not indexed in google scholar, indexed by google itself? You also can request indexing through google webmaster tool to be assured.

Dear @Vitaliy,
Yes, that is what I found.
Initially, when we did not submit sitemap though we added our site in google webmaster tool, we were found by google but not by scholar.
Later, when we added the sitemap in the webmaster tool, we were discovered by the scholar as well.

If anyone has a different experience, please share here.

Even if we do nothing, google search will find the articles itself, but may take 3-4 months or even longer.


Hi all,

Just noting that the original post’s subject identifies the OJS version as 2.3.1-2. That’s an almost 8 year old version of OJS (!) and I’d strongly recommend upgrading to either the most recent 2.4.x release (the least invasive upgrade), or 3.x (when you’re ready to tackle some workflow changes etc).

There have been innumerable improvements to OJS since 2009, including to Google Scholar indexing.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hai @anupent, i tried your suggestion to add my ojs sitemap to google webmaster tool, but i found this error message, what should i do? thanks.

Hi @Tom83,
which version of OJS do you use? what is your website address?

Any updates on whether your site is indexed in google scholar?