OCS Unassigned Submissions - Where Are They?

I’m trying to get a new installation of OCS 2.3.6 working. Never used it before. I am able to submit papers as a test user, but my test director can’t view or assign submissions. When he goes to the User Home page, he sees that there are “2 Unassigned”. When he clicks on “2 Unassigned”, there is only one entry in the list, and it doesn’t have a title. What could be wrong?

Hi @glenng,

If you’re using the two-stage submission process (abstract submission, then direct decision, then paper submission, then peer review), perhaps your submission is back in the author’s hands for the paper submission.

If you’ve changed your configuration while experimenting with the system, it’s possible that this has had an impact – for example, if you’ve changed your language configuration but the submission was entered under a different language configuration, that could explain the missing title.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I guess it was the system configuration. I only remember changing one thing - the name of the conference - but that seems to have caused the problems. I removed the installation and database and started over, and it seems to be working now. Thanks for the hint.