[OCS] Unable to Edit Review Form

Dear Admin,

I Have an issue to Edit Review Form, I Already to Activate / Deactive but linkbutton “Edit” not show up. Any Idea about this ?


Thank You.

Hi @AriefArfiansyah,

You can not modify the form once it has been used (filled by one reviewer/assigned to a review).
What you can do is copy the form, change copy, activate copy, deactivate original form and then usign the new form.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs Thank You for Reply,

Is there any posibilities to Modify ? even update data from Database ?
I really needed, because there are too many user used this Form Review &
i need to edit this :


Thank You.

I have installed OCS to host a conference. but one problem I have
encountered: I have created a review form for reviewer to use, other than the
simple two text boxes comment form.

But once this form is created, the reviewer selects this form, but he cannot enter any texts into this form when he selects this blank form and saves it

In essence, the reviewer cannot use this specially designed form template.

Please advise.

Thank you