OCS - Reviewer's languages in Selection list

I’m using OCS
and looking to add Reviewer’s language information ( >> users.locales ), in order to facilitate TrackDirector 's selection task

I am thinking to add a column on templates\trackDirector\SelectReviewer.tpl . Something like this:
for the header
<td width="7%">{sort_search key="users.locales" sort="done"}</td>
for the rows

but I’m really stuck in the query and sort code …

Can you help me, or give me some clue ?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @tantalocura,

I think you’re pretty close to getting the data displayed, but to add a new sort option, you’ll also have to work with PHP (not just the template file). The handler function for that template is in pages/trackDirector/SubmissionEditHandler.inc.php in function selectReviewer – have a look at how the $sort and $sortDirection variables are used. (Be warned that it might be tricky to sort on the locales; they’re not stored in a way that’s especially helpful for sorting.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,
thank you very much for your help !

With the clues you have given me, I could resolve the situation, make some adjustments and respond to Director’s requests . As always :wink:

It will remain, for later, the distribution of languages in columns and sort them.

Kind Regards,