OCS Papers report author order bug

Dear all,

I’ve been having difficulties with papers report exporting from OCS 2.3.5
Namely, we have a conference running and it is about to start in 2 weeks.
We rely on OCS metadata to create conference programme, name tags, participant list, …
For this we use exported CSV about papers (reports->papers report).
It gives us all the info that we need about the paper, but, there is one small but frustrating “bug” especially when we need to keep track on more than 250 papers.

Authors of papers are arranged in OCS database in certain order, but once we export it to CSV it tends to change the order of authors for papers where we have changed the order of authors after abstract submission.
So for originally submitted papers, authors list matches the one in the OCS, but for submissions that have changed the list of authors in later phase (after full paper submission), the order in CSV is something like: old authors (submitted originally), new authors (added later) even though this is not the case in OCS.

Is there some easy fix for this?

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Hi @ihaladin,

I think that one was fixed back in 2014 :slight_smile: https://pkp.sfu.ca/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=8526

You could either upgrade to OCS 2.3.6, or you could apply the patch linked in the Bugzilla entry.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you @asmecher,

will try to patch it since I’m afraid to upgrade a running conference.
It’ll save me a ton of time looking through submissions. :slight_smile:

I am having problems with - the author order listed for some submissions changes once a manuscript is published i.e. the contributor list shows the correct order but one published it switches some authors around on the published page. Please help! Kully

Hi @kulren,

This thread is about OCS but it sounds like you’re using OJS (or OMP). Could you post this as a new topic?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team