[OCS] Is there a way to update the descriptions in the step 2 and 4 during submission process?

I need a help to find a way to edit and change some info existent in the submission process.
For example, in the step 2 (/…/author/submit/2?paperid=xx) - Uploading the Submission, there is a text that says:
"To upload a paper to this conference, complete the following steps.

On this page, click Browse (or Choose File) which opens a Choose File window for locating the file on the hard drive of your computer.
Locate the file you wish to submit and highlight it.
Click Open on the Choose File window, which places the name of the file on this page.
Click Upload on this page, which uploads the file from the computer to the conference's web site and renames it following the conference's conventions.
Once the submission is uploaded, click Save and Continue at the bottom of this page."

and also in the step 4 (/…/author/submit/4?paperid=xx) - Uploading Supplementary Files, there is another text that says:
“This optional step allows Supplementary Files to be added to a submission. The files, which can be in any format, might include (a) research instruments, (b) data sets, which comply with the terms of the study’s research ethics review, (c) sources that otherwise would be unavailable to readers, (d) figures and tables that cannot be integrated into the text itself, or other materials that add to the contribution of the work.”

Is there a way to update this by using the role Conference Manager?


Log in as conference manager. Go to the scheduled conference and then to Setup. Next you can edit if you click on Submissions.