OCS - archiving past conference materials


I’m new to OCS and investigating this system for our conference materials.

How can I create a past conference platform? For example, I created the 2015 conference, but there is no date selection “2015” of the first day and last day of the conference. I just can see there are “2018”, “2019”, …, “2021.”

Anyone knows how to set the past conference date and archive the conference materials?

Thank you.


Yumi Ohira, M.F.A., M.L.S.

Digital Publishing & Repository Librarian

University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Central Library, Rm 518

702 Planetarium Place, Arlington, TX 76019



Hi @ohiray,

We are no longer actively developing OCS, so you might consider using OJS to archive past materials. We are working on a tool to migrate content from OCS to OJS 3.x to facilitate that.

OCS continues to be of interest to us, but realistically, we haven’t had the resources to put into a rewrite. If we do, it’ll be a lightweight layer over the PKP Web Application Library that underpins OJS, OMP, and the PKP preprint server.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team