Obtain metadata database OJS

Hi all

I need obtain this metadata from database in a range of dates to a magazine

• Authors (names and surnames)
• Institutional affiliation
• Country
• article title
• keywords
• JEL Classification
• language

somebody could help me with this, thanks for the help

Which version of OJS are you working with? The database structure changes between 2.x and 3.x with respect to articles/submissions.

If you are familiar with XSLT, you could use any version of OJS to export the Articles and Issues in Native XML format, and then transform the export to limit to just the fields you want.

Hi ctgraham

The version is the

In 2.4.8-1, you can find the author information in the table authors, including authors.first_name and authors.last_name, authors.country. This joins the author_settings table using author_id. In author_settings.affiliation, you can find the institutional affiliation; note that author_settings is keyed on the chosen locale via author_settings.locale.

The table articles can be joined in via articles.article_id to authors.submission_id. In that table, you’ll find the articles.locale and articles.language, which will be populated to various degrees depending on your user’s input.

The article’s keywords and classification will probably be in the article_settings table, joined using article_id, in the article_settings.setting_value keyed against article_settings.setting_name and article_settings.locale. Your setting_names will depend on your configuration, but my guess would be “subject” and “discipline”.

Thank you very much ctgraham for your help