Objects for review: Problem with cover pic

Hey there,

after activating the Objects for Review plugin and creating a test entry, I noticed that we have a problem with the formatting of the uploaded cover pic - it overlaps with the text (see attachment). Even though I have changed the pic resolution to 240x300 px, the size seems to be constant.
Any thoughts on this?

Thank you a lot

sorry, forgot to upload attachment …

Hi @Jesaiah

It seems you have solved the problem?


nope, unfortunately not …
The problem persists but is browser dependent. In IE, text and pic do not overlap but “stick” together (0px distance). In FF, I still have an overlap of something around -5px.
In Google Chrome, it is displayed correctly.

Hmmm… it looks good on my full screen in FF and Chrome (I don’t have IE). It probably depends on the width of the browser/screen – When I decrease the width of my browser, the cover image and text overlap.
However: the div element around the cover is defined to have the width=25% and the div around the text 75%. The image is set to be 150px. S. ojs/objectsForReview.css at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub. When they overlap, the browser window is so small that 150px is bigger than 25%, I believe.
I will change the image definition and set its width to 90% – I hope that this will help and change the image size accordingly to the window size. I will then post the patch link here, so that you can apply it.

Hi @Jesaiah

Here is the corresponding git issue with the patch: object for review cover images adaptable to the window size · Issue #1665 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.



Yep, patched, tested, and it works.

Thanks a lot!!!