OAI noRecordsMatch


I have a problem with the OAI protocol, records are not displayed, with the following specifications:
OJS: version
S.O .: Centos 7
BDD: MariaDB version 5.5.64
PHP: php 7.3



Hi @freddy,

I think there are some OAI setting in the config.php.inc file. Have you checked if it is enabled there?

Regards, Primož

Thanks for responding, you are effectively active:

; OAI Settings ;


; Enable OAI front-end to the site
oai = On

; OAI Repository identifier
repository_id = revistas.uide.edu.ec

; Maximum number of records per request to serve via OAI
oai_max_records = 100

please help with this topic…

Hi @freddy,

Check Settings > Distribution > Access. Depending on your OJS version, it will look something like this:


Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the help, it’s working