OAI Error: XML Schema Validation Error

I checked my OAI in oai.clarin-pl.eu. The result show error: XML Schema Validation Error as in the figure.

xml error ebisma2

I don;t know which file need to be repaired?
I’ve checked all of HTML in static page and other, I couldn’t find the error HTML syntax.
Is there any solutions?

My OJS is

Note: The text: “re.USnQoW” always change when rechecked

Hi @koinku55

It seems that your OAI resource is blocked to external request.
The error message code (403) means the access to the resource is forbidden. Have you checked if your OAI is available to be accessed externally ?


I’ve checked by using https://validator.oaipmh.com/, it’s look like there’s no matter.


Did you mean, another settings to check the OAI is available to be accessed externally.
How to check my OAI is available to be accessed externally or not? And how to set it?