OAI: Editors for edited volumes in oai_dc format

OAI DC records in OMP ( are showing all contributors, including editors and chapter authors, as “author or creator”. I would like to be able to separate the editors from chapter authors somehow. It seems that the dublin core format doesn’t allow for any specifications of the type of author or creator (?), so I’m thinking if it would be possible to have the system pick only the editors for edited volumes and simply leave out the chapter authors.

Maybe it could be done under “//Creator” in Dc11SchemaPublicationFormatAdapter.inc.php? I just don’t have the knowledge how to create such a condition. Would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:



Hi Magnus,
The HTML output of the interface, is only a visual interpretation of the OAI XML, which actually mapped into the dc:creator

	<dc:title xml:lang="en-US">publicknowledge</dc:title>
	<dc:creator>admin, admin</dc:creator>
	<dc:creator>chapter, author</dc:creator>
	<dc:description xml:lang="en-US">publicknowledge</dc:description>
	<dc:publisher xml:lang="en-US">publicknowledge</dc:publisher>
	<dc:type xml:lang="en-US">Book</dc:type>
	<dc:type xml:lang="en-US"></dc:type>
	<dc:format>Digital (DA)
	<dc:source xml:lang="en-US">publicknowledge; </dc:source>
	<dc:coverage xml:lang="en-US"></dc:coverage>

i just wanted to clarify your requirement, because in general, the OAI interface is used for indexing and archiving services.
In those cases, the additional metadata is beneficial. What is your exact use-case ?


Hello Dulip,

Many thanks for the help.

There is a separate website that wants to be able to pull metadata from certain sets in our press and create a record from it on that website. In this record it is preferred to only include the editor(s), if it’s an edited volume. Is it possible to somehow indicate who is the editor(s)?