O.S SUGGESTIONS for install ojs

thank u for attending my support request

I’m informatic’s student from the uptm-kr, and would like to receive recommendations on what operating system, I can work the open journal system with low failure rate.

I’ve been trying from windows, linux-mint, debian, but none of them worked for me, for example, clicking on the button to install the page changes to a white background and does not load.

Another e.g is that the install.php page does not open but I get this message “execute ();?>”

Other example is that in windows I only try with appserv, the system is installed but when entering the administrator module, only the option users & roles and administration appears.

One more of my concerns is that it does not allow me to upload images or a pdf file to the journal website

the last but not the least is the registration of invited users, because the system tells me that “at this moment the registration is not available”, being still enabled the option that users can.

Without further ado, I hope not to be very upset and I am truly
grateful for your participation and the PKP|COMMUNITY FORUM