'Notify users' email archived somewhere?


as an editor, I use the ‘notify users’ mail function to sent a newsletter every two months to all readers. This newsletter includes some news on the journal and titles and abstracts of the recently published articles (since last newsletter). Does OJS archive the content of this emails somewhere or at least the date, when such an email was sent? Can I, as an editor or journal manager (without server access) look this up? Sometimes it is hard to remember if an article was already included in the last newsletter.

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Email history is only attached to the article (such as author/editor correspondence).

For your purposes, it sounds like the Announcements function might be better suited. Have you considered this feature?

I always thought the Announcement function is rather to display additional information within the OJS on a separate site and not to send emails with the content to a specific user group.
Since the newsletter we are sending is mainly titles and abstracts of new articles, this would just for the most part be a copy of a part of the current issue. The additional announcement site is unnecessary for us. Further on, I would want to choose a specific user group as recipient (only readers) not all users (which would include reviewers and authors). So far, the ‘new issue published’ email function is closer to my needs than the announcement function. Just that archiving would be nice.