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OJS3 isn’t allowing the journal manager to notify readers that a new article has been published, and it automatically publishes a notification that an issue has been published. We want to be able to notify readers as we publish each article, and if we publish an entire issue, we want to be able to modify the notification as necessary. Can you please let us know if this is being resolved and, if so, how long before this is corrected? (OJS 2 allowed for this.) Thank you.

Hi Marilyn,

I work with multiple journals - all with continuous publication - and I also miss the ability to notify readers of new articles being published. I believe there are plans to get this functionality back (or something similar) in OJS 3, but I don’t know the timeline for that. In the meantime, I know some journals are using the Announcements function to alert readers about new articles, but that of course is not ideal as the readers will still not get an email that tells them that a new article has been published - just one that tells them that a new announcement has been published. This is a tricky one!

I don’t know which version of OJS 3 you are using, but the more recent versions will not automatically send a notification upon a new issue being published. Instead, there is a checkbox “Send notification email to all registered users” which is checked by default, but that you can unselect if you want. I suppose you could always tweak that template (Publish_Notify) to say “…has just published its latest article…” (instead of issue) and then unpublish/re-publish the issue every time you publish a new article. But then you would need to manually correct the published date of the issue afterwards, so this is not a very good option either (and there may be other implications as well that makes this option a bad one…?).

Sorry I am not able to help, other than to say that I believe this will be fixed in future versions of OJS 3 and that many of the later versions will at least give you the option NOT to send the previously automated new issue alert.

Until the functionality is restored (or reintroduced in some other way), we have opted to focus completely on spreading the word about new articles via twitter. In a way, that is even better as the articles reach an even wider potential audience that way. Even so, I will also keep my fingers crossed that we will soon be able to communicate with registered readers in a sensible way.

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Dear Emma,

I am grateful for your positive response and suggestions. I hope that PKP is monitoring this forum well and recognizes that we need this notification function to work well as it is to the benefit of our journals and our readers.

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I mentioned the same issue in 2018 - and there are discussions on this going back to 2017. Maybe 2019 will be the year we can get control over the new issue notification…

Dear Poul,

Thank you for getting back to me. Hopefully it will be repaired soon.

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Hi @marilyn.bittman, @OpenAcademia, @poulalberg, do you know if something is changed in 2020?
We use 3.1.2-1 and seems that the notification of new article published is not possible.
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Sorry - I have given up on this issue. I tried getting my university library (who is in charge of the OJS system all journals at my university use) to upgrade to OJS2 - where there was control of the contents or the New Issue notification mail - but they did not want that.