Notification emails REPLY-TO=Principal Contact of site Administrator but not Principal Contact of the Journal


I understand that since OJS version 2.4.6 there had changes to the way emails are sent out to better conform to SPF (Sender Policy Framework) rules.
The system will set the email’s FROM address to be context’s principal contact setting in Journal Setup Step 1.2 and or site administrator, depending on if we are at the site level, or a more specific context level. The email’s REPLY-TO will be the user sending the message.

In the case of notification emails, the email’s FROM address is the context’s principal contact of the journal setting in Journal Setup Step 1.2, that I understand and I accept.
But the email’s REPLY-TO is the context’s principal contact of site administrator setting in User Home → Site Administrator → Site Settings. And I don’t want it. Is there a way to change this behaviour to have in both case the context’s principal contact of the journal ?

I found it’s defined in file “lib/pkp/classes/notification/” in the code below:
$mail->setReplyTo($site->getLocalizedContactEmail(), $site->getLocalizedContactName());

Thans in advance for your answer.

It makes sense to me to switch this to have a reply-to from the journal context, if possible.

Earlier testing indicated that is was impossible in 2.x to subscribe to notifications as the site context. Ultimately the notification logic is being overhauled for 3.x.

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OJS 3.0.2

When any user receives notifications from a journal, a new issue or announcement, if the user replies to the email (with the purpose of contacting the Journal Manager or the responsible for contact) it goes to the Site Admin contact, and not the Journal Contact email. Since our instalation has several journals, and knowing the notifications system has problems, how or what to change to enable that each reply email goes to the specific Principal Journal Contact and not the Site Admin Contact?

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