No hay suficiente espacio en su directorio de usuario/a


We are using Versión :

When I try to browse an image , the system tells me “You do not have enough space in your user directory. The file you are uploading is 28kb and you have 7kb remaining.”

This happened when I tried to browse an image in Journal Settings but also if a ty to add a new Block.
The same message.

The strange thing is than we edit other 4 journals in the same server at University, an in the others worked when we crated them.

Any help, please?


Hello @ronda … we had the same problem and fixed it adjusting the “public_user_dir_size” value in our under the [files] section

The default value is:
public_user_dir_size = 5000

Changing it to around 50000 should be enough.

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Hi all,

Where can We check the space used by an user?


If you want to check the space used by an specific user in the public directory I think you may do something like

du -sh /var/www/html/ojs3/public/site/images/[username]

in the server where OJS is installed, asuming that the site is located at /var/www/html/ojs3

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Yes but maybe I didn’t explain myself well.
I was referring to whether there is a control of the space used by the user in the database.
I couldn’t find where that information is stored.

Oh! … You mean a way to configure a disk space quota for every user.
I don’t think there is anything implemented to control that. :thinking:

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Thank you very mucho, hilongo!

I will try this solution