No e-mail is sent

Here is the pop-up message: "There was a problem sending an email message. Please try again later, or contact your system administrator. "
The software says “You are currently using OJS”
The last e-mail was posted from OJS to the admin e-mail in December last year, and no new e-mail arrived. For now, I am assuming that no e-mail is sent to the users at all. No error messages at all, either (Mail Delivery Subsystem thing).
I did not see any other e-mail received (I tried e-mailing reviewer and bulk e-mailing to selected professions like administrator, secretary etc).
Our journal has received its first submission and I am trying to use normal e-mail to the reviewers, checking them if they received any e-mail, etc.

Hello @Barbaros_Akkurt,

As a starting point, you could try some of the troubleshooting advice offered here:

PKP Team

Thank you. The problem has been resolved. The password was an old one and when I changed it with the current one, it worked. Sorry to bother you all.

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