No Country or City data in customs reports - OJS

Hello there … I have received reports from journal managers about the lack of Contry/City/Region information from Custom Reports

I have serached the forums and found some posts related to this same issue for earlier versions of OJS and tried to follow the OJS Documentation to configure the system to provide the info we are lacking, but with no luck …

  • Scheduled tasks are set to On in
  • Acron plugin is enabled

Docs point to download the “GeoLiteCity.dat” file into /plugins/generic/usageStats directory (usageStats plugin’s README file says it only requires “GeoIP.dat” file. I guess they are the same) from the site: But that file is no longer being provided from that site as they moved to a new GeoLite2 format

I have found this site GeoIP Legacy Databases hosting the updated GeoLite2 databases converted to the legacy format. I downloaded the cities database, renamed it to GeoLiteCity.dat and located it in plugins/generic/usageStats/ (I tried also downloading an old GeoLiteCity.dat file from a mirror site:

I have also moved all logs generated on July from the archive directory to the stage directory (under the files/usageStats directory) and ran php tools/runScheduledTasks.php plugins/generic/usageStats/scheduledTasks.xml. The files get processed but there is still no Country/City information on reports

My guess is that either the plugin is not finding the GeoLiteCity.dat or the one I’ve downloaded doesn’t work … but as I cannot find any error regarding this in the server logs… I don’t know how to fix it.

Any pointers will be highly welcomed!

Hi @hilongo, I’m not too familiar with this part of the code, but I’ve asked some colleagues. Can you tell us what application and version you’re using?

Hi @NateWr thanks for taking the time :slight_smile: … I’m working with an OJS on a Debian 10 with PHP 7.3

The PKP Usage statistics report plugin is activated but I found out that it has a Reports option (I guess that it should point to the plugin’s setting) that leads to a blank page with no error reported in the logs


I have done a fresh installation in a similar system to enable debug and it shows the same behavior, with no error reported …

Hi @hilongo,

So you are going to Statistics > Reports > PKP Usage Statistics Report and it’s returning a blank page? If so, then you’re running into a fatal error. If you’re not seeing anything in the logs, you may not be checking the correct logs.

Hi again @NateWr … No, the blank page is returned when I go to Settings > Website > Plugins > PKP Usage statistics report > Reports

Ah, that clears things up. Thanks @hilongo, I’ve identified the issue and prepared a fix. Unless there are any unexpected issues, it will go out with the next maintenance release: 3.3.0-8. You can follow progress here.

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Great news @NateWr … Do you think that this fix will solve the original problem (no country and city data on custom reports) aswell?

I really don’t know. It really depends on whether you have the country/city data in your database or not (have you checked the metrics table?). This only fixes the white-screen error, so if you don’t have the data in your database it won’t have any impact on that.

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