No articles showing in crossref

Hello all,
I enabled the crossref XML export plugin as instructed in the PKP’s Crossref OJS Manual.
But issue is that after assigning the DOI to the articles and publishing them, when I visit the crossref plugin page there is no queue of articles in the article section to select and proceed. attaching an image file as well.

Kindly help!

Hello @ammarahameed,

If you could please answer a few questions, it may help our team figure out the issue: Which version of OJS and the plugin are you using?

Also, I think that your image file was not attached, so please try to share it again if possible!

Hey there,
Thank you for bringing it up, I have the same problem on OJS and the latest version of the plugin (it seems to be updated).
I have attached a screenshot of what is going on.
Any help would be appreciated.