No Admin Options Coming

After successful installation, when i login with admin login , i see “There are no journals available”

What can be problem.

Screenshot your dashboard.


you have successful install your OJS. now you need to learn how to operate OJS. Please try to login and learn admininstrator dashboard

The problem is not installation problem. When I login with admin Id n password , I can’t see administrator dashboard. Screenshot_20200616-205709

It says There are no journals available

Go login and create your own journal. From dashboard of administrator you will see menu.

No dashboard available when I login with admin user id and password

Hi @Dr_Subrata_Sinha,

When you click the hamburger menuimage does it generate a dropdown menu?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team


When I click there, I see register and login, when I login with admin Id and password, I see again the same message “There are no journals available”

Go to setting
Journal hosted

Create your own journal

How can I goto settings if there is no administrator dashboard

There is no settings

Hi @Dr_Subrata_Sinha,

It appears that there may be an issue with the installation. I would suggest taking a look at your PHP error log. For help finding this, please see How do I find my PHP error log? - #2.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.

I did automatic installation using softaculuos