New user gets read access to all journals

I am very new to OJS and may be my expectations are misplaced, so please correct me.

I have a (new) OJS 3 installation, and my expectation is to have a single Journal. In order to access the system users should register and then be approved to access the journal. I am aware that there is no workflow for this to happen, so I created a dummy journal (Welcome) and enabled user registration.

This works fine; user has the option to register and the entire process works as expected and the user gets access to the Welcome journal. But, if I put in the short code for the main journal this user has access there as well!

I checked under users & roles, but the user has no access to this journal. What am I doing wrong?



User registered -

User not present in the main journal -

But still the test user has access to the main journal page!

Can anyone advise?

Hi @shafeeq,

When you say the test user has access to the main journal page, which page do you mean: the public journal page, or the dashboard (which you are displaying in your screenshots)? Also, what roles do you have assigned to your user?

PKP Team