New user can not registrasion

new users cannot register, new users cannot register, when clicking the regsiter button, there is an error message, how to solve this problem, we use ojs version
thank you

Hi @Suriya_21,

I belive you are talking about the same problem as in your other question: New User Registration Problem
Correct? Do not post the same problem twice, better add additional info to the existing one.

Regards, Primož

yes sir,
the problem same
can you help with this problem?

Sorry for cross posting.

I am facing the same issue as mentioned above.

I have OJS (Latest update)
Using Health Science Theme

Whenever a new user wants to register with the journal, it gives an error message " You must agree to the terms of the privacy statement."

I have tested it with default theme and found the check box was present to agree to the statement but in " Health Science Theme it is not there.
Please help me to fix the issue with " Health Science Theme"


Are you using the latest version of the Health Sciences Theme plugin?

Yes, I am going using the latest v version of theme.

In this case the problem should be relevant only for site-wide registration, right?
Or you experiencing it in the journal’s context?

Can you also check the context (journal or site-wide) of the problematic registration page?

I have only one journal on my site. So, yes its site- wide registration.
I was facing this issue even when I was using Ojs

Today, I updated OJS to and then updated the theme as well but new user Registration issue remains there.

Sorry, forgot to share journal link

There is no customization.


Hmm, Health Science theme on your OJS instance seems to have not the latest version. As an example, from the PKP demo site it could be seen how the registration page should look like: Register | Health Sciences: An OJS Theme Demo

Can you double check this? The latest version is here: Release healthSciences-v1.0.2 · pkp/healthSciences · GitHub

I’m not sure, but it should also be available through the OJS’s plugin gallery.

Thanks for your continued support. I believe partially problem is fixed with your help.
Although from OJS plugins it was showing Health science theme is up to date Yet I followed your suggested route and copied the latest release of the theme in the file manager (using Cpanel). Now it is showing the registration page will all the required options which otherwise were not available before.

But, with this there is another issue now I am facing and that is:

in OJS INSTALLED PLUGIN is loading … and does not show any thing but status is since then is loading…

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue now.


Okk. All set now, everything is working fine.
Thanks once again for your valuable support.

registration in the main journal cannot be done, because there is no checkbox.
however, when selecting one of the journal children there is a check box.
before updating, for registration of new users, it is not necessary to enter the child’s journal, but can be through the main journal.
I want to bring up the policy stement checkbox in registration in the main journal

Hi @Suriya_21

This should be fixed in one of the next releases.

so, now can’t register through the main journal, but must go through one of the children’s journals?