New submissions visibility for editors

My scenario:
Editor in chief (permission level: journal manager) who should receive new submissions;
Production Editor (permission level: journal manager) who is involved only at acceptance;
The result is that BOTH see new submissions is My Queue and the PE is also enlisted as a participant, creating confusion…

My question:
Is it possible to create roles so that:
EIC will see in My Queue all new submissions;
PE is not in the Participants list
PE will be assigned as Participants only in accepted manuscripts?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lsteele,

A Journal Manager can see all submissions at all stages. Under Users & Roles > Roles you can see and configure what stages of the submission workflow each role has access to, but you can’t change a Journal Manager’s permissions (which are the same as Production Editor). If you only want a Production Editor to have access to certain parts of the Submission Workflow, I suggest you create a new role and assign it a Section Editor permission level. Then users in that role will only be able to access a submission when they are added to it as a participant. You can create a new role on the Users & Role > Roles page.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, Amanda, thanks for your reply.

I have tested creating a new role as you suggested and it works. I understand that if you deselect the step “submission” a person cannot be assigned at this stage, but only once the review stage has started.

I still do not understand why a role which should appear in this box does not:


to avoid any doubts I have created new users to whom I have assigned different roles. I am sure we will work this out well, but I would really like to master OJS and get him to fit my workflows.
Ciao have a good day, from a very very wet Milan!