NEw Block at Sidebar OJS 3.1.1

Hi, I have difficult to make a new block on the sidebar of OJS 3.1.1. The response of software its too long after made a new block of Custom Block Manager and never succeed to make the block. Please help me.

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Please check if you have any errors on your javascript console

Could you help me to show how to check javascript console? Thanks

see step 3 here

Hi Taz, I try to see javascript concole from Google Chrome and when I try to make a new block at Custom Block Manager, that javascrit console indicates like it:

jquery.js:9666 POST$$$call$$$/plugins/generic/custom-block-manager/controllers/grid/custom-block-grid/update-custom-block?existingBlockName= 500 (Internal Server Error)

[Violation] ‘setInterval’ handler took 66ms
[Violation] ‘setInterval’ handler took 60ms

This means there is an error on server side. You will have to look at your PHP log. Ask you system administrator / hosting copany to give you PHP error log and see what it says.

I had the same issue. Not only me, but also some of my friend that using 3.1.1

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Hi, I had the same issue too.

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getSetting() on string in /var/www/html/journal_name/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/controllers/grid/form/ on line 90, referer:

Some solution to fix it?

Hi @Glauco_Roberto_Munsb,

See Getting fatal PHP error when using Custom Block Manager to create new blocks - #42 by loveleentak.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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