New/additional metadata attribute


I am using OJS 3. I would like to add additional attributes (fields) to submission metadata. The point is we would like to have some additional data there. Please let me know:

  • What do you think about that approach (does it seem reasonable)
  • How to do it

Regards, Primož

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Please try to be more specific what you would like to add and why is that so necessary to add it as separate filed in the form or in other way.

You could look for example the OpenAIRE plugin, how it adds custom metadata fields:

A while back I also wrote a custom metadata plugin for OJS3, but it lacks an UI for adding/editing the metadata fields: GitHub - ajnyga/customMetadata
I have not tested this with 3.1. but I this is probably one of the things I will work on during this year.

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Bom dia,
qual a possibilidade desse plugin estar em funcionamento? Temos interesse em novos campos no formulário de cadastro de usuário.