Need some litle help,comment and article abstract

Hello dear forum

Curently im using Open Journal Systems and have some question regarding setting

I need to disable comment on specific article but not all (global) i see on journals setting there option to disable comment but also disabling Globally all comment if i turn this on …there is huge amount of spam comment but also there is legit one

the second one is i dont know why but it seems OJS automaticaly strip Hyperlink on article (a refs tag) ,in some articles i need to allow html tags but dont know how to do this


There isn’t a way within the configuration to turn off commenting for just one article in OJS 2.x. Generally spam comments are mitigated by turning on ReCAPTCHA for comments. This is done in

The allowed HTML tags are also specified in

Note that the syntax for the allowed_html option changed over the course of 2.x, so if you have upgraded from a prior version, you may need to adjust to the new syntax.

Hi graham

Oh you really are a life safer,that’s solve my problem about html tags

Regarding spam comment i do using RECAPTCHA but still seem the person who submitting spam comment able to bypass it since the comment system is auto approve i believe (or there is a setting to moderating the comment)?,spam is posted without moderation…can we integrate other comment system with OJS ,discuss for example

Thank you