Need help with the publishing process


Thanks for making OJS! It’s been interesting working with such a different system!

Now, onto my issue:

I have installed OJS for a local university. They have, through hard work, been able to finish the peer-review process.

I am still Journal Editor and Administrator. Now they want me to publish the first issue.

For this to happen, I need:

  1. The final files for each article (after corrections), to be downloadable.

  2. To be able to upload my stylized PDF files as the articles to be published.

Basically, I want to download their ungainly .DOCX files and make them pretty with my design software. I know how to edit the magazine once I have the text files, but I don’t know how to get the text files, or how to upload them so that they are published in the issue.

Can you please help?


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Hi @Marcos_Codas,

Check out the OJS in an Hour document, in particular the section titled “Layout Editing”. (OJS supports using a separate role for layout editing, but if you intend to do the work with an editor account, that’s fine too; the layout editing area is available to editors and layout editors alike.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Sorry for the delay, but thank you! I’m still working through this, but I’m making progress!