Navigation block plugin for OJS 3.1 available?

I want to use this plugin ojs/plugins/blocks/navigation at ojs-stable-2_4_7 · pkp/ojs · GitHub but it looks like it has not been updated in years and it’s not available for 3.1. Or is it? Any solution for this?


Well… I better updated the block in a new repo: GitHub - tavaradigital/ojs-navigation-block: Navigation block for OJS 3.x

Hi, I’ve been using your plugin but now updated OJS to 3.1.2 and stopped working, got an error 500 and have this in errors log:
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught → Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template “plugins-plugins-blocks-navigation-blocks-navigation:plugins-plugins-blocks-navigation-blocks-navigation:block.tpl” on line 18 “{url|assign:“searchFormUrl” page=“search” op=“search” escape=false}” unknown modifier ‘assign’

Do you know how to fix it?

I forked this plugin and fix this error. My fork is now compatible with OJS 3.3 (tested with 3.3.0-11).
Look at