Nav menu drag and drop between columns not working

Hi! I’m a newbie OJS user testing OJS3 as a back-end solution for a new journal. (I don’t have coding experience!) Our OJS is installed locally and I’ve been given journal manager/carte blanche permissions to set up the site and features for testing—all permissions enabled.

The drag-and-drop nav menu features aren’t working for me:

  1. I can drag some items back and forth between the assigned and unassigned columns, but not others.
  2. I can reorder some items in the assigned column, but not others.
  3. I added a new nav menu item and it appears in the unassigned column, but I can’t drag it into the assigned column.

I’ve tried editing both the primary and user menus, as well as creating a new menu of my own, and I get the same results in all three places.

(I could also use some clarification on the difference between the primary and user menus since I can’t seem to find this info.)

I’m using Open Journal Systems, locally installed on a SILK server owned by someone else. My browser is Chrome Version 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) (x86_64) with automatic updates on a Mac running Ventura 13.1.

Apologies if I’m overlooking something obvious, and thanks to anyone who can offer advice!