Nav menu drag and drop between columns not working

Hi! I’m a newbie OJS user testing OJS3 as a back-end solution for a new journal. (I don’t have coding experience!) Our OJS is installed locally and I’ve been given journal manager/carte blanche permissions to set up the site and features for testing—all permissions enabled.

The drag-and-drop nav menu features aren’t working for me:

  1. I can drag some items back and forth between the assigned and unassigned columns, but not others.
  2. I can reorder some items in the assigned column, but not others.
  3. I added a new nav menu item and it appears in the unassigned column, but I can’t drag it into the assigned column.

I’ve tried editing both the primary and user menus, as well as creating a new menu of my own, and I get the same results in all three places.

(I could also use some clarification on the difference between the primary and user menus since I can’t seem to find this info.)

I’m using Open Journal Systems, locally installed on a SILK server owned by someone else. My browser is Chrome Version 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) (x86_64) with automatic updates on a Mac running Ventura 13.1.

Apologies if I’m overlooking something obvious, and thanks to anyone who can offer advice!

Hi @aimeediehl,

Thanks for your post. An interesting problem. I’m wondering if you could try changing the options around in a different browser? Not totally sure if that would be the issue, but might be worth trying. Failing that, you might want to have a look at your PHP error log to see if there are any errors present there that might be impacting this.

Just by way of informing your question about the difference between the primary and user menu primary navigation is the main navigation menu on the site, whereby the user menu is the navigation menu for the users - particularly when they’re logged in. Hope that explanation makes sense?

PKP Team

Thank you for your help, @rcgillis ! I was persistent and, after shutting everything down and logging back in, I managed to get the nav items to move to the proper columns. I had to very carefully position them to align with the grey broken outlines that appeared during the move. If not perfectly aligned, they would zoom back to their original positions. Don’t know why it decided to work, but I’m glad it did.

I also appreciate the clarification about the primary and user menu navigations. Makes perfect sense.

: ) Aimee

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