Native XML Plugin help error

good morning everyone and thank you for the time you dedicate to me. I need your help.

I would like to import xml files of completed work that I download from datacite.

basically I download the xml file of a job from datacite and I would like to import it into ojs pkp with the import native xml plugin.

but I get this error.

do you have any idea how to solve it?

consider that I usually do the reverse path, that is, I upload a job to ojs, then download the xml file which I import into datacite to assign and create the doi.

I therefore thought I could also do the opposite path, that is, take an xm from datacite and transform it into an ojs article.

thank you all

For import this doesn’t work because the XML format (or “schema”) isn’t the same as the one required by OJS.
When you export to DataCite you use the Datacite export plugin that creates the DataCite XML schema.
There is no import feature for DataCite XML.

If you know XSLT (or know a programmer who can do this), you can write a transformation that transform the DataCite XML to OJS XML.