Native XML import problem (OJS 3.3.0-12 / OJS 3.3.0-13)

Hi everybody,
We’ve noticed that since OJS version 3.3.0-12 and OJS version 3.3.0-13 - there is a problem with the Native XML import/export plugin.
When trying to import an XML file - the system imports 1 and sometimes several items and the import stops.
Below I send an example of an XML file that imports without problems for OJS version 3.3.0-11, but with the new ones not.

Hi @karwas , this can be either a bug or due to any missing data reference . Can you check the error log and provide the error trace that may be associated with this ? One way to do that is to try another import and right after that get the last error trace details from the error log file .

Admittedly, error.log did not save anything, but I found a solution to the problem. The imported XML file was missing the “locale” tag in the “article” section. It must have a value identical to publication/locale.
Previously (up to OJS version 3.3.0-12) apparently this was not mandatory. I added the tag and the file was downloaded successfully.

See which was solved with OJS 3.3.0-12