Native Import Export Plugin is not working with a particular issue

Hello, Native import export plugin is not working for a particular issue of my journal. Others are working fine. However, with a particular issue, https 500 page is displayed.

Here is the php error logs for reference
[16-Sep-2021 05:31:51 Asia/Kolkata] PHP Warning: assert(): No status key could be found for ReviewAssignment on 605 failed in /home/japtronl/domains/ on line 605
[16-Sep-2021 05:31:56 Asia/Kolkata] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getFileId() on null in /home/japtronl/domains/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/japtronl/domains/ RepresentationNativeXmlFilter->createRepresentationNode(Object(DOMDocument), Object(ArticleGalley))
#1 /home/japtronl/domains/ ArticleGalleyNativeXmlFilter->createRepresentationNode(Object(DOMDocument), Object(ArticleGalley))
#2 /home/japtronl/domains/ RepresentationNativeXmlFilter->process(Object(ArticleGalley))
#3 /home/japtronl/domains/ Filter->execute(Object(ArticleGalley))
#in /home/japtronl/domains/ on line 97

I am using OJS

Thanks in advance