My predecessor modified the 'submissions' page but I don't understand how

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My apologies, the page I am linking to is in Dutch. I hope that won’t pose a problem.
My predecessor as administrator on one of our websites seems to have modified the ‘submissions’ page a bit. On this page, everything from ‘Onderzoeksartikel’ onwards is just a reiteration of our different sections. However, that part of the text is not in ‘Settings → Workflow → Author Guidelines’ as I expected it to be.

Now, the editors of this website have asked me to edit this information, but I don’t know where this text came from or where to look for it. Does someone know how my predecessor might have edited this page?

Suggestions on what my predecessor might have done, or on places to look for answers, would be very welcome. I’d love to be able to not just edit it, but to similar things in the future.

What application are you using?

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Everything under the yellow line is not from ‘Settings → Workflow → Author Guidelines’ but originates somewhere else.


Hi @KayWP

What you are probably looking at is the descriptions of the sections, as found in the Journal Settings area. Try editing a section. If a section has a description there, it will be displayed on the submission page so authors know what section to submit to.


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Thank you. I did not realize that our other journals had left this field empty, which is why it did not show up there.